10 Things To Consider When Buying A Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are all the rage these days. As the name implies, weighted blankets are heavy blankets, usually between 5 to 30 pounds, that are curated to provide a form of therapy to the wearer. They work on the principle of deep pressure stimulation – a technique that uses pressure to relieve stress. These handy blankets have proved very useful for those who suffer from various  mental illnesses such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, insomnia and bipolar disorder, to name a few. Even if you don’t have a mental illness, you can still buy one of these blankets to help relieve stress at the end of a long day.

Due to the recent surge in the popularity of weighted blankets, there are now many brands in the market that offer weighted blankets. This means that there is an extensive range of options that buyers can choose from. While this is always helpful but it can be a bit overwhelming for a first-time buyer. Therefore, we have come up with this guide on the ten things you need to consider when buying a weighted blanket. This will help you figure out which blanket is right for you.

1. Any Good weighted Blanket will Come at a High Price Point

As with all other forms of therapy, weighted blankets do not come cheap. The general price range of a weighted blanket is between $70 to $300, so you better come prepared to dole out some serious cash. Of course, there will be brands that offer weighted blankets for lower prices, but these will almost undoubtedly come at a much lower level of quality and comfort. It would make far more sense for you to spend money on a good-quality blanket and reap the benefits of that for a longer period of time than to purchase one that is cheap and not get the full benefits of a weighted blanket out of it.

Also keep in mind that the price of a weighted blanket depends entirely on your needs. If you require a blanket that is heavier, bigger in size or has more stuffing, that’ll likely drive the price way up!

2. Weight Determines Comfort

The general rule that all consumers should follow while buying a weighted blanket is to get one that is around 10% of their body weight. For example, if you weigh 100 pounds, do not get a blanket that weighs more than 10 pounds. If consumers buy a blanket that is too heavy, it will feel like more of a burden than a relief and if they buy a blanket that is too lightweight, it will not end up being very effective. Therefore, you need to pay careful attention to the weight because this is perhaps the most important factor in whether or not you can adjust to your blanket.

3. Pay Attention to Size

Depending on your needs, there are several different sizes that you can purchase a weighted blanket in. The first point you need to consider is whether you are buying the blanket for solo use – most weighted blankets are designed for individuals, so you need to be careful if you intend to share it with your significant other. Secondly, you need to figure out which parts of your body you want to cover with the blanket – although most blankets are intended to cover the entire body, some are meant to cover only the legs or the upper body. This can be useful for those who are on a budget or looking for a weighted blanket for a specific part of the body.

4. There is no Industry Leader for Weighted Blankets

Because this field is relatively new and most companies in it are still fledglings, we do not have an industry favourite when it comes to weighted blankets but as per market research, Quility Blanket that produce quality weighted blankets and have been receiving consistently good customer reviews from satisfied buyers. However, the sheer number of brands and weighted blankets available out there means that the industry is still short of a king. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about getting a blanket from a specific brand – simply focus on your own needs and find the blanket that will best meet them. Even if you don’t find a blanket that will exactly fit your requirements, there are brands out there that take custom orders for weighted blankets.

5. You’ll Need Some Time to Adjust

Every weighted blanket comes with an adjustment period no matter what brand you buy. It’s inevitable that the weight of the blanket will feel foreign and perhaps even uncomfortable to you in the beginning. Several companies recommend that you only cover your legs in the initial few days and slowly work your way up to covering your entire body to get used to it. You need to understand that this is simply a natural part of the process of getting used to a weighted blanket. Within a few days or even a few weeks, you should begin to adjust to it.

6. Material Matters

Weighted blankets generally come in either cotton or minky which feels very soft to the touch. If you tend to run hot, we recommend that you buy a cotton blanket because those are often more breathable and cooler than a minky blanket.

Moreover, pay attention to the material of the stuffing as it determines the bulkiness of your blanket. Weighted blankets are usually filled with either small pellets of plastic or glass beads. Since plastic pellets are larger than glass beads, plastic-stuffed blankets are more likely to be bulkier.

7. Check the Return and Exchange Policy

Since there are so many brands in this industry, you will find some brands out there that offer competitive exchange and return policies. Make sure to check them out as a weighted blanket is pricey and if you do not end up adjusting to it, you will definitely want your money back. Some companies even offer enticing trial periods for 15 or 30 days which you should definitely take advantage of. These trial periods help you determine whether a weighted blanket works for you or not and it would cost you nothing in case it doesn't.  

8. It Gets Hot Sometimes

Due to the weight and bulk of these blankets, it is inevitable that they might run hot for some people. If you are prone to getting hot easily, you might want to check out different materials such as cotton as well as a suitable weight for your blanket. Perhaps you’d be best off using it only during the winters. However, you can still try to find a blanket that comforts you while still feeling cool.

9. Check the Washing Instructions

It is of utmost importance you purchase a blanket that is machine washable so that in the inevitable event that it gets dirty, you can wash it without any hassle. This goes for all kinds of weighted blankets; one-piece ones as well as those that can also become covers.

10. Weighted Blankets May Not be For You – and that’s Okay

Alas, there are many people out there who tried weighted blankets and found out that they did not do much to relieve them or were simply unable to adjust to them. That’s completely fine – different kinds of therapies work for different kinds of people. This is where the return and exchange policy comes in. If you realize that the weighted blanket is not meant for you after all, you can simply return it to get your money back.