Top Reasons Why Weighted Blankets Are the Best Winter Gifts

- Written by the Quility Brand Team

Gifting someone a weighted blanket, be it to relieve anxiety or simply to warm them on a freezing winter evening, is special. A weighted blanket is like a standard blanket, although it is denser because it contains beads or thicker material. Many brands provide weight selections according to the physical appearance, so the blanket's weight does not burden you after buying.

Is a weighted blanket a good gift?

Gift-giving is both an art and a science. This is because what matters most is not the item you purchase or its cost, but the person you want to gift. You need to find the right balance between surprising them while also offering something they will find useful. Everyone likes to sleep.

This weighted blanket is a great gift because of the advantages it brings to people. Weighted blankets are suitable for kids, parents, and the elderly, and are customizable to suit their needs.

If you are wondering about the best way to present your weighted blanket, the quick solution is packaging each in its protective bag. Simply wrap it up as you would any gift.

The Science Behind Weighted Blankets

Do you know how weighted blankets actually work? Since you are considering gifting a weighted blanket it maybe worthwhile to know and be helpful to the person you planning on gifting it to. Weighted blankets use deep touch pressure stimulus, which involves applying pressure to the body in order to enhance the production of serotonin, which aids in enhancing better sleep. 

"By applying some pressure to the body, the body transitions from sympathetic to parasympathetic nervous system operation, which is a transformation from "fight or flight" mode to "rest and digest" mode. Our parasympathetic nervous system kicks in to let our body stay calm, balanced, and has the potential to establish equilibrium once it receives a signal that it no longer needs to be alert," as per Applied Behavior Analysis Edu.

Weighted blankets are weaved with squares or "pockets", with beads or pellets inside every compartment, to distribute the weight throughout, rather than centralizing or concentrating it on one point. A large percentage of weighted blankets contain hypoallergenic, non-toxic polypropylene pellets, while others may contain glass crystals, steel shot beads, and perhaps even grains.

They mainly calm the body, the mind, and enhance better sleep by applying light pressure uniformly throughout the entire body. Many studies show the effectiveness of weighted blankets in treating anxiety, sleeplessness, autism, kids with sensitivity difficulties, melancholy, hyperactivity, or even persons that are detoxifying and rehabilitating.

Factors to Consider While Buying Weighted Blanket as a Gift

Below are the considerations you should make.

The weight factor

Typically, weighted blankets are available in a variety of sizes and weights ranging between five and twenty-five pounds, with mini versions for pocket blankets or kids and bigger sizes that cover the entire bed. You could be advised to get a blanket that matches the specific needs and dimensions of the person you are gifting, instead of splitting one between several persons.

Experts recommend that you buy weighted blankets with an overall mass of roughly 10 percent of your giftee's body weight. However, an extra pound or two can help to achieve significant benefits. If you are undecided between two weights, always choose the significantly heavier one. If you are purchasing a gift for a 180-pound grownup, for instance, consider getting the one weighing around 20 pounds, whereas for a 75-pound kid, take the one weighing around 8–9 pounds. Here is a complete guide on how much should a weighted blanket weigh?

Weighted blankets are available in a range of dimensions, so get the proper size and weight that suits the person you plan to gift. Take the one big enough to cover their entire body, with enough flexibility to maneuver around.


You should have a solid estimate of how much you will pay prior to looking for an ideal weighted blanket. Go for blanket selections that are within your financial reach. Keep in mind that the price varies depending on size, quality, weight, and merchant. As you mind your budget, also avoid sacrificing quality to save money.

Fabric Composition

This is extremely crucial if you are planning to give the blanket to an older person, as many of them have sensory difficulties. Therefore, a poorly chosen blanket could make their experience unpleasant. Consider getting a soft cotton fabric blanket.

Method of Cleaning

The final, but very crucial, consideration is the blanket's wash-ability. Carefully examine it to see if they can clean it at home or if it needs to be sent to a commercial dry cleaner. The home-washed version is the best since, because of its weight, it does not require frequent transportation for dry-cleaning.

Is it safe to gift weighted blankets to kids?

Anxiety and nighttime unrest are two of the most popular reasons for wanting a weighted blanket for kids. However, make sure its weight adheres to the body-weight rule, preferably between five and ten percent of the child's body weight. You should also guarantee that it does not impede the kid's mobility and does not stretch beyond their neck or conceal their face or head.

For tiny toddlers below three years or those below 50 pounds, weighted blankets can impose a potential threat. As a result, you must always seek the advice of a physician or inquire from their parents or a pediatrician beforehand.

Can you get other bedding integrated into your gift-weighted blanket?

Yes, you may. During the cooler months, weighted blanket makers can adopt weighted blankets for children and adults in unison with the regular bedding by placing them over a quilt or duvet. These types are particularly cuddly on the couch.

The Bottom Line

A weighted blanket is an at-home treatment version of deep pressure therapy. It is effective at treating a variety of ailments, especially anxiety, autism, and ADHD. It may also aid in relaxing a restless mind, lowering anxiety, as well as healing insomnia.

At Quility Weighted Blankets, we make each blanket with supreme quality materials, and our dedication to perfection sets us apart from the competition. From conception to delivery, every one of our blankets goes through a rigorous production chain, and our team works hard to ensure that your purchase arrives on time.