Buy weighted blankets and do away</br> with your old regular blankets

Do you have trouble relaxing? Do you suffer from panic attacks? If you feel any sort of stress during the day, you may want to get rid of your old blankets. While they may be useful in warming you during the night, they do not take care of any stress-related ailments or difficulties. That is why weighted blankets for adults with anxiety are well-revered. They provide a calming influence, as they are heavier than a regular blanket.

Immediately Relaxing

In fact, these blankets can weigh quite a bit more than the blankets you are currently using. Health studies show that an anxiety weighted blanket is a nourishing covering. That is because it provides the user with relief by way of a deep pressure touch (DPT). As a result, the user becomes automatically more relaxed.

A Comforting Type of Cover

So, you can say that a weighted blanket for adults or children is therapeutic in nature and design. In fact, the advantages of these blankets cannot be overlooked. The extra weight of the blanket enables a person to sleepbecause the user feels swaddled and comforted.

A Sense of Security

Therefore, a weighted anxiety blanket makes the user feel warm and safe. The excess weight then puts the sleeper’s mind at ease. Also, this type of blanket simulates a warm and encouraging hug. Normally, when a person is hugged, a hormone known as oxytocin is released into the blood. When this happens, your blood pressure lowers and you feel totally relaxed. While a blanket does not offer a human touch, it does provide this same sense of security.

Optimum Health Benefits without the Need for Medicine

In addition, a weighted adult blanket increases the manufacture of serotonin in the bloodstream. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that enables smoother functioning of the nerves. You might call the chemical messenger a type of mood enhancer. Not only does serotonin impact one’s mood, it also influences behavior. Therefore, a lack of the substance can trigger insomnia, anxiety, or depression. So, your health benefitswhen you use a weighted blanket instead of medications.

Enhanced Melatonin Production

Besides increasing the production of serotonin, the use of a weighted blanket for adults benefits people who have consistent problems getting to sleep. This is because the cover causes more melatonin (a sleep hormone) to be produced by the body. The blanket exerts a gentle yet firm pressure on the body; therefore it stimulates the receptors that produce this substance in the body.

How the Blanket Helps Autism Sufferers

Autism patients can also benefit from the use of an adult or children’s weighted blanket. Normally, people who suffer from this condition feel irritated or aggressive because they cannot clearly convey or express their thoughts. As a result, their behavior may include repetitive movements, erratic talk, or frustrated responses.
When a weighted blanket is placed on the patient, he or she feels more comfortable and relaxed. Although communications can still be difficult, patients will feel more serene in expressing themselves with the blanket on their shoulders, as it seems to provide added reassurance.

Throw Out Your Regular Blankets and Improve Your Health

So, if you want to improve how you feel or you want to feel a sense of calmness, throw out your old blankets and buy weighted blankets instead.