Affordable Weighted Blankets: </br>The Latest Trend to Ease Symptoms of Anxiety

Contrary to popular belief, getting a sufficient amount of sleep is just as important as maintaining a nutritious diet and staying hydrated, for the typical human spends about one-third of his or her life catching Z’s.

This introductory guide explainswhat sleep is, and how you can positively affect your everyday routine by using a weighted blanket.

What Is Sleep?

Simply speaking, sleep has two distinct phases: rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and non-REM sleep.

As you lay your head to rest, your body kicks off a three-stage cycle of non-REM sleep with intermittent periods of REM sleep scattered throughout the night. The well-documented phases of sleep progression are:

  • Stage One: Colloquially referred to as dozing, this first stage lasts several minutes and involves the conversion from wakefulness to light sleep. Your muscles begin to relax, your eye movements slow down, and your brain waves gradually drift into a calmer, more subdued pattern.
  • Stage Two: This is the last stage before your body enters into deep, restful sleep, in which you actually spend most of your sleeping time. Your body temperature drops, eye movements cease completely, and your brain waves are embodied by short bursts of neural activity.
  • Stage Three: Occurring in longer intervallic periods during the first half of each night, this is the deepest phase of sleep and allows you to feel fully rested. Your heartbeat, muscular reflexes, and brain wave activity slow down to their lowest levels, which is why it’s so difficult to awaken people that are caught up in stage three of non-REM sleep.
  • Sporadic REM: Rapid eye movement sleep occurs intermittently during each night, initially presenting in the first 90 minutes after you lie down to rest. Your breathing becomes erratic and rapid, your heart rate and blood pressure rise and the brunt of your dreams occur during REM sleep.

You’ll repeat this cycle many times during a regular evening, although you’ll experience deeper, more effective periods of REM sleep during the latter stages of each night. If you are not experiencing all of these stages – and usually wake up feeling unrested as a result – it’s probably due to your bedroom’s lighting, nearby noise levels, or excessive heat in the home.

This lack of restful sleep is why many people spend countless dollars on ineffective sleep aids.However, there are much more economicaland effectual options available.

Augmenting Your Sleep Routine with a Weighted Blanket

If you’re ready to begin a soothing, soporific night of sleep on a consistent basis, it’s best to purchase some cheap weighted blankets.

Recent scientific studies have determined that the deep pressure stimulation caused by weighted blankets encourages the production of serotonin and, as a result, the body responds by producing copious amounts of melatonin to help you sleep. In fact, clinics around the world use weighted blankets to quell the symptomatic onsets of many different conditions, ranging from the autism spectrum and dementia to PTSD and even anxiety disorders, and are popular when treating sleep deprivation.