How Heavy Should a Weighted Blanket Be? Here’s the Ultimate Guide

Imagine: You’re snuggled up in a cozy cocoon that makes you feel protected, relaxed, and stress-free. Your worries melt away and you feel nothing but tranquility as you fade into a deep, deep sleep…sounds like a dream, right? 

Okay now open your eyes and come back to reality, because I’m about to blow your mind: This dream can be a reality. How, you ask? With the 9th wonder of the world: a weighted blanket. If you think I’m gassing it up, hear me out - a weighted throw blanket can be life-changing for those suffering from sleep issues and/or anxiety (i.e. everyone on earth). If you’re looking to relax and change your sleeping experience, read on! If you’re not looking for either of those things, you clearly have your life together and I envy you. 

While a weighted lap blanket can help combat anxiety, picking one out can be frustrating - with so many weight options out there, how heavy should a weighted blanket be for you specifically? Well, this guide is going to show you which weight will work best for you. But first, let’s go over the basics, the benefits, and then we’ll get to some questions you might have! 

What Are the Benefits of a Weighted Blanket? 

If you’re not convinced yet, no sweat - let’s back up these claims with some science. Here are the top 6 benefits of a weighted blanket!

1. They Can Reduce Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Tight swaddles help newborns feel snug, cozy, and safe. Weighted blankets help those with debilitating anxiety, depression, or a lot of stress revisit that feeling and promote a sense of security! Those who also often experience the feeling of waking up with anxiety or stressful thoughts may be aided by sleeping using a weighted blanket. 

2. They Can Improve Daytime Social Interactions

From 2 lb to 10 lb weighted blankets (or even 20 lb blankets), they can all help improve your daily interactions - this is mainly because they help those with sleep issues get a better, more restful sleep than the night before! Speaking of which, even if you don’t have sleep issues...

3. They Can Improve Your Overall Sleep Quality

That’s right! Even if you’re already getting great sleep, you can get even better sleep with a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets act as a natural melatonin that can make us sleep better, longer, and harder! When you get your sleep back, you get your life back! Talk about peace and tranquility! 

4. They Can Reduce Nighttime Movement

If you’re a restless sleeper (or even have restless leg syndrome), a heavy blanket is right up your alley. The ‘cocooning’ that happens when using one of these blankets can help you go from restless and wide awake to still and sound asleep in minutes! 

5. They Can Help Those with PTSD, Autism, ADHD, and More

Both adults and children (yes, there are weighted blankets for kids) who deal with any of these issues may find a lot of relief with a weighted blanket. Sensory issues have symptoms that are difficult to handle, and the soothing comfort of a heavy weighted blanket can help make those symptoms a little easier to manage. This kind of comfort-providing blanket can also help those with developmental disorders!

6. They Can Help the Elderly and Alzheimer's/Dementia Patients

One of the most common issues among this demographic is, unfortunately, depression. Fear, fatigue, and anxiety make up a big part of the day for someone with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, or even just someone who is later in life. Weighted blankets can provide some much needed comfort and warmth! 

Can a Weighted Blanket Be Too Heavy?

Yes. If you don’t get the correct size for your height and weight, a weighted blanket can be uncomfortable or even suffocating. If you get a blanket that you feel like you can’t move under, you may want to try a different one! 10 lb weighted blankets are common for adults, while 7 lb weighted blankets and lower are recommended for kiddos - anything over 30 lbs should generally be avoided for safety reasons.

So, how heavy  should  a weighted blanket be then?  Here’s a helpful chart to show you what weight works best for you and/or your family:

What Weight of Weighted Blanket Do I Need? 

For Adults: 

Body Weight

Blanket Weight

100 - 120 lbs

10 - 12 lbs

120 - 140 lbs

12 - 14 lbs

140 - 160 lbs

14 - 16 lbs

160 - 180 lbs

16 - 18 lbs

180 - 200 lbs+

18 - 20 lbs+ (up to 30 lbs)

As you can see here, the pattern is that you should get a weighted blanket that’s about 10% of your own body weight! However, it’s a bit different for weighted blankets for kids: 

For Kids:

Body Weight

Blanket Weight

20 lbs

3 - 4 lbs

30 lbs

4 - 5 lbs

40 lbs 

5 - 6 lbs

50 lbs

6 - 7 lbs

60 lbs 

7 - 8 lbs

70 lbs 

8 - 9 lbs 

80 lbs

9 - 10 lbs

90 lbs 

10 - 11 lbs

100 lbs

11 - 12 lbs

These numbers can vary based on your kid’s comfort level, so be sure to make sure they’re ready for a weighted blanket first! 

What Type of Weighted Blanket is Best? 

Time for the good stuff - how to know which weighted blanket to buy! Luckily for you, I’ve got a great recommendation: The Quility weighted blanket, aka the blanket that made me feel like I was wrapped up in a secure little burrito. This slice of heaven comes in several sizes (throw (a 7 lb weighted blanket), twin, full, and queen/king (up to 30 lbs)), and even comes with a duvet cover that you can choose the color of! 

This ultra-comfy, ultra-cozy blanket is evenly weighted, and can improve your sleep quality. It is also, in my opinion, one of the best weighted blankets for anxiety - all in a delightfully stylish little package. It’s machine washable, high quality, built to last a lifetime, and perfect for any season! 

Obviously, I can’t recommend that blanket enough! But, if you want to know more and maybe even learn a thing or two, check out the website!

Q’s & A’s

Do Weighted Blankets Help Insomnia?

Yes, they can help. According to the AASM (American Academy of Sleep Medicine), by applying pressure evenly around the body, it stimulates the sensation of touch on the muscles and joints that is similar to massage - this can help us fall asleep and stay asleep faster! Weighted blankets can be a safe, effective, and natural solution for those trying to figure out how to increase melatonin and reduce symptoms of insomnia. They can also decrease the amount of daytime sleepiness insomnia patients feel. 

Does a Weighted Blanket Help With Sleep Regression?

Yes! 2, 4, or even 12 month sleep regression in babies can be difficult for them (and you as the parent) - but weighted blankets can help babies feel more comfortable, calm, and ready to snooze throughout the night! I’m not saying that you’ll never be woken up by a crying kid at 4am again, but I am saying it can help.

Can You Wash a Weighted Blanket? 

Not all of them, but you can wash this one! Most weighted blankets are harder to wash due to heaviness, and may take a lot of time to wash and dry by hand. The Quility blanket, however, is built to be as easy to wash as it is to sleep under - just pop it in the washer and dryer when you think it’s ready for a clean! For any other weighted blanket, I just recommend spot treatment and occasional hand washing. 

Final Thoughts

For everyone (but especially those with anxiety or depression), shopping can be an overwhelming chore - and it’s particularly annoying when the thing you’re shopping for is supposed to ease your symptoms. That’s why I hope this article helped you - and steered you towards the Quility blanket! Whether you need a 10 lb weighted blanket or a 30 lb weighted blanket, you’ll find what you need with us! 

Now go and get some rest!

Contributing Writer: Aurora Detor