How to Get Your Dog's Stinky Weighted Blanket Clean?

For all the love and affection that our furry friends show us, if we have to put up with some extra effort in certain areas while caring for them it is not unwarranted. One such thing that pet owners have to do is to go the extra mile while cleaning the household items and washing heavier objects including weighted blankets. While these weighted blankets are an excellent source of comfortable and deep sleep for the pet owners, the fact that sometimes the dogs or cats snuggle in the same blankets to sleep with dog-dad or cat-mom as well, is nothing but a welcomed gesture. It might be a little more time consuming to get the pet smell out of these weighted blankets but it is not at all difficult. Here is the three point guide to ensure that your pets remain happy and your weighted blankets smell nice and fresh at the same time:

1. In Addition to Your Regular Laundry Detergent You Will Need the Following:

•  ½ cup Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda (This is one of the brands renowned all over the country for defeating even the strongest pet smells from clothes without spoiling them). Do not replace it with regular baking soda in your kitchen cabinet. That will completely ruin your precious weighted blanket and might still not work on the smell that perfectly.

•  ¼ cup hydrogen peroxide
•  ½ cup apple cider vinegar

2. Do a warm wash of the blanket first and then add the normal detergent to the washer like regular washing routine. Throw in the blanket and then add super washing soda, hydrogen peroxide, and the vinegar. For an added dose of beautiful smelling blankets, add scented fabric softener too, as needed. If your washing machine does not have a dispenser for the vinegar, add it and the softener during the last rinse cycle.
3. Finally throw the blanket into the dryer with some dryer sheets if you want and then wait for it to come out smelling like new and feeling super soft and warm.

Additional Points to Note:

One thing that will make your life a lot easier in this regard is to keep your pets clean in the first place. Try to give them a wash once a week with Dry Pet Shampoo and if possible go for a deeper wash as well, especially if your dog or cat has had a trip to the puddle on the road outside your house. While the above process is guaranteed to get rid of the smell, it is still important to keep your pets clean for their general health and wellbeing as well as your own. You can use a pet odor eliminator to get rid of pet smell.

Secondly, while the above process only works in the machine washable blankets, there are certain points you need to remember if your weighted blanket is made of wool, or filled with steel shot beads etc. Fabrics like cotton, flannel, minky, and fleece can be quite easily machine washed so with those weighted blankets you have nothing to worry about. However, wool blankets are not only extremely heavy but they are also prone to shrinking so avoid putting them in the washer.

Likewise, if the filler of your weighted blanket is plastic poly pellets or micro glass beads, while you can wash them easily in a washer you will have to keep the water temperature mild as extremely hot water may melt some of them. Sand is another common filler for weighted blankets but it is not advisable to use such a blanket for machine wash, while steel shot beads as fillers become extremely heavy once soaked in water so you will have to be mindful that your washer can handle that much weight.

The Checklist for Caring for Most Weighted Blankets Include:

  •  Large capacity washing machine

  •  Possibly, a bathtub

  •  A large and sturdy drying rack

  •  Plastic sheeting or tarp

  •  Gentle laundry detergent

  •  And if needed, an enzyme-based stain remover

Final Word

Irrespective of the type of fabric or filling or the pet smell that you are dealing with while washing a weighted blanket, it is always advisable to wash it separately and in mild hot water. Also, avoid strong chlorine bleaches and if the pet smell is taken care of by the ingredients mentioned above, go easy on the fabric softener as well. And finally, although dryers are not likely to spoil your valued blankets, for prolonging the softness of the weighted blanket, it is better to either hang dry or tumble dry on low.