Trending – Cool Weighted Blankets

Find out about all of the benefits and reasons that cool weighted blankets are taking over

Cool Weighted Blankets are helpful. They have been proven to work. And, they are just so COOL. Check out this new ‘cool weighted blankets’ trend that has emerged among the sensory community in the past few years.

Anywhere I go to look for Cool Weighted Blankets, greatest advantages they tell me that the blanket provides them with a ‘hug’ effect when they use it. As if someone had gently wrapped their arms around them. But, what does this actually mean?

Well… after searching, looking and learning, I understood that the Cool Weighted Blankets put pressure on different points in the body (like nerves for example) which replicate the same pressure one gets from a big warm hug. This causes the brain to release neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin that calm children down or increases positive moods. This means, that as a result of the weighted blanket, the users will be calmer, focused and feel ‘safe’ just like one does after a hug.

These cool weighted blankets are usually used by occupational therapists to treat kids with anxiety, autism or sensory disorders. But lately, their use has spread. Parents want to take the goodness home. These blankets are sometimes used for other disorders and conditions as well, and sometimes just to feel good.

Finding your perfect blanket might take a bit of time but there is a vast variety out there so each child can find their favorite design and pattern and in turn, fall in love with the cool weighted blanket – and never want to let them go!

After experiencing the cool weighted blanket, many children just want to take the blankets with them everywhere. Taking a vacation – no problem. Just pick-up that cool weighted blanket and your child can get some sleep anywhere. This is greatest advantages.

With the right size and design, the cool weighted blankets can be used almost any time – day or night. Going to bed with the cool weighted blanket helps in regulating sleeping patterns.A good night’s rest helps a child focus and makes daily tasks easier.

The cool weighted blankets all around helpfulness make them a convenient and useful choice for many parents. With this number of benefits, no wonder children and parents alike absolutely LOVE the cool weighted blankets and consider them a hip, cool new trend that is actually extremely practical.

Before using one of these cool weighted blankets, make sure to consult with your therapist on the best blanket to buy – in terms of size and weight – and the best uses for the specific requirements.