Quility Premium Weighted Blanket - Gray


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Throw - 7 lbs
Twin - 12 lbs
Full - 15 lbs
Full - 20 lbs
Queen/King - 30 lbs

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"Quility is one of those brands that stand by the promise to deliver high-quality products, made with the best materials around. They have decided there’s room for one more item that can revolutionize the way we sleep."


What is the Quility Weighted Blanket?

Millions of people around the US suffer from symptoms of stress, anxiety, PTSD, and insomnia. The Quility Weighted Blanket is an all-natural solution that may help individuals reduce these symptoms. Hundreds of our customers report improved sleep, lower stress, and heightened feelings of relaxation, wakefulness, serenity, and peace of mind.

How Weighted Blanket Works?

Think of the Quility Weighted Blanket like a big hug, keeping you warm, cozy, and secure. The blanket draws on the science of “Deep Touch Pressure” stimulation, a technique aimed at reducing symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, PTSD, and insomnia through the application of gentle pressure across the body.

How to Use Weighted Blanket?

Wrap yourself in the blanket whenever you’re feeling stressed out, anxious, or can’t sleep – or when you just feel like getting comfy! Take a nap, cuddle up, watch TV, or read a good book. The Quility Weighted Blanket isn’t just ideal for a good night’s sleep - it’ll bring you and your loved ones calm, comfort, and coziness at any time, day or night!

What are Weighted Blankets Made of?

Quility’s innovative 7-layered blanket is designed to offer supreme comfort. We use the most advanced sewing technology and the highest-quality materials to produce the ideal weighted blanket. The ultra-breathable, 100%-cotton outer layer is lined with several polyester layers that contain millions of premium glass beads. Its unique design assures optimal temperature control and guarantees that your blanket will last for years to come!

What are Benefits of a Weighted Blankets?

Weighted blankets are a form of at-home therapy and provide similar benefits to deep pressure therapy. They also have proven benefits for anxiety and insomnia, and are equally beneficial for children with ADHD.

Enhances Oxytocin

These blankets exert pressure on the user when they are lying down, which simulates the same sensation as a hug. That sensation releases oxytocin and improves general wellbeing of the users.

Boosts Melatonin

Another beneficial hormone released through these therapeutic blankets is melatonin which helps regulate sleep cycle and promote deep, calm sleep.

Reduces Cortisol

In higher quantities, steroid hormone cortisol, hampers relaxation and calmness. Weighted blankets ground the body to the bed during sleep which promotes calming effect, and thereby reduces cortisol levels.


Weighted Blankets improves bodily functions and provide more comfort and warmth along with a sensation of an embrace; thereby providing all conditions necessary for a good night’s sleep.

Reduces anxiety

The soothing effect resulting from the extra pressure from these blankets is proven to reduce restlessness and anxiety.

Relieves painful fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a disease of muscles, ligaments and tendons, and it may cause unbearable pain. Weighted blankets exert pressure exactly on these parts of the human body, which works wonders in reducing pain from fibromyalgia.

Improves sleep quality

Even without any underlying medical condition, simple fatigue can cause sleeplessness. Just as a massage reduces fatigue and relaxes muscles, so do these weighted blankets.

Relieves PTSD symptoms

While weighted blankets directly resolve the impacts of PTSD – such as anxiety and depression – they also prevent nightmares and panic attacks through the extra warmth and pressure they exert on the users while sleeping.

How to Choose a Weighted Blanket?

Since many of the therapeutic benefits of weighted blankets result from the pressure they exert on the body during sleep, to gain maximum benefits it is important to pick the blanket with the right weight for you. While Quilty Weighted Blankets provide a weighted blanket chart for easy choice of the products, there are a few other things that can help you make the best choice. The general wisdom for deciding on the weighted blanket sizes for adults is to pick one that has 10 percent of your bodyweight. So for someone weighing a 100 pounds, a 10 pound blanket would be the best. Weighted blankets for children are lighter starting around 5 pounds, but for adults they come in several sizes with 10, 15, 20 or 25 pounds weight, so make your choice accordingly.

How to Clean a Weighted Blanket?

Cleaning a weighted blanket is not difficult if you only know the simple tips that make sure they are not destroyed during the washing process. For starters, you can use a mashing machine but for heaver blankets a commercial washer may be your best bet. Secondly, avoid bleaching and be gentle with scrubbing if there is a stain. You can use warm or cold water but when it comes to drying go for tumble low setting. If you are machine drying it, go for low heat. Machine drying is considered better for weighted blankets anyways, but the best option is air drying. Cleaning weighted blanket does not cost much in terms of money, but they do require gentle care and attention. At the end of the day, however, they are worth it.

ProductQuility Premium Weighted Blanket
Blanket Material100% Cotton
Weight MaterialPremuim Micro Glass Beads
Removable Duvet Cover?Yes
Duvet ColorGray
Quility Premium Weighted Blanket - Gray

Quility Premium Weighted Blanket - Gray